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La parution d'un nouveau ouvrage sur
"Le Brassage de la Culture Amazighe et de la Culture Arabe"
Sous la direction du Professeur Moha Ennaji

Préparé par le professeur Moha Ennaji (chercheur universitaire), ce collectif de 306 pages vient d’être publié par l’Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe. Il comprend un ensemble d’articles motivés par l’intérêt grandissant pour les études des metissages et identités culturelles. Cet ouvrage rend un vibrant hommage à l’éminent professeur Ahmed Boukous pour son vaste apport à la culture amazighe.

Description du livre: English - French


The publication of my new book which I wrote
with Fatima Sadiqi entitled, "GENDER AND MIGRATION IN MOROCCO", published by Red Sea Press, USA, 2008.

    While this book focuses on the issue of migration and gender in Morocco, it discusses gender issues, particularly the situation of the women left  behind by male migrants.  The book is divided into eight chapters.  The first chapter reviews the theories of migration as a worldwide phenomenon and the gender issues involved therein. Chapter 2 concerns itself with theories of women-headed households.  Chapter 3 deals with the socioeconomic and political context in Morocco. Chapter 4 presents the social situation of women and their different categories in Morocco.

    Chapter 5 is an overview of Moroccan international migration and a review of the literature on the topic. Chapter 6 offers a general profile of migrants, their various characteristics, and further the chapter discusses the evolution of international migration to the European Union countries. Chapter 7 deals with the migration intentions of Moroccans; the causes, impetus, and the consequences of migration on Moroccan society. The final section, Chapter 8, which is based on our  data collection and analysis of the findings, presents the methodology adopted and discusses the results of the fieldwork; this chapter also deals with attitudes toward migration and the implications for the women
left behind.

The publication of "The Dialogue of Civilizations: The Self and the Other", translated from Arabic into English by Moha Ennaji and Fatima Sadiqi,  Author: Manaa Saeed Al Otaiba.

      Published by the Red Sea Press, USA, 2008.


This book, which is a contribution to dialogue among civilizations, calls on Arab and Western intellectuals to take dialogue as a responsibility on their shoulders. The first chapter deals with the necessity of dialogue among civilizations.    The second chapter is concerned with the importance of the Arab contribution to dialogue.The third chapter is devoted to aspects of dialogue among peoples through evaluating Arab historical legacy and its share in the construction of human civilization. The fourth chapter is devoted to prospects for the future and focuses on the advantages of tolerance, the positive aspects of coexistence, and the utility of communication.


Migration et Diversité Culturelle

     Edited by Professor Moha ENNAJI, this book in 202 pages, comprises a series of chapters in French and English. It was published with the assistance of the World Organization for Migration. European, American and Maghrebi researchers have participated in this collection that explores various aspects of migration in cultural and social terms. They discuss ways in which a comprehensive and integrated approach to the migration issue can emphasize the human and socio-economic dimension.

  The subjects discussed in this book are:
   -Migration in the Mediterranean: Challenges and prospects
   -Migration, Gender and Social Reform
   -South-North migration, integration and Euro- Maghreb Relations
   -Attitudes towards Mediterranean countries migration
   - Migration in the Maghreb
    - Migration, media and cultural diversity



 Sous la direction du Professeur Moha Ennaji


Préparé par le professeur Moha Ennaji (chercheur universitaire), ce collectif de 166 pages vient d’être publié par l’Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe. Il comprend un ensemble d’articles motivés par l’intérêt grandissant pour les études de la culture populaire face à la mondialisation.

Les articles traitent de questions liées à l'oralité, notamment la poésie, la chanson, le raï, le conte, le cinéma, les langues, etc. Le but essentiel de ce collectif est de poser la problématique du rapport entre la culure populaire et la culure savante et de soulever des questions relatives aux cultures populaires au Maghreb et leur impact sur les domaines sociaux, politiques, et éducatifs. 


Language and Gender in the Mediterranean Region

   This special issue of The International Journal of the Sociology of Language, devoted entirely to issues of language and gender in the Mediterranean region, encompasses a number of excellent contributions on language and gender in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and the diaspora, within a multi-disciplinary perspective bringing together the insights, methodologies, and concerns of sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, literary theory, history, and gender studies..

    The articles deal with issues related to orality (i.e. the heard and spoken language), investigating memories of feelings and events in which language itself is implicated. A whole array of subjects have been covered here, mainly cultural products such as proverbs, conversations, greetings, compliments, polite formulas, which are an integral part of social behavior.


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